It’s certified! Borne’s a Great Place to Work


12 Dec 2023

3 minutes


What makes a business a good place to work? And how do you differentiate good from great? Great Place to Work is a global authority setting out to make these distinctions – and has certified Borne ‘A Great Place to Work’, the only creative agency in Norfolk to achieve the title.

Since Carole Osborne started Borne in 2016, the goal was not only to build a company that supported its clients with world-class branding and advertising, but an agency that provided a home for the East of England’s best talent.


The creative industry doesn’t always have a good reputation for culture, associated with long hours, and unrealistic expectations – but at Borne, we like to think we’re different. We believe that happy, healthy people create better work for our clients, and we’re so excited to be recognised for this with a Great Place to Work award – and to be the only creative agency in the county with this title.

Carole Osborne Founder

Great Place to Work is the global authority on workplace culture, employee experience and the leadership behaviours proven to deliver market-leading revenue and increased innovation. Since 1992, they have surveyed over 100 million employees around the world, using those deep insights to define what element makes a great workplace: Trust.

“Its recognition means the world to us, especially considering how rare it is for a creative industry agency to earn a badge like this,” says Carole.

How did Borne earn this recognition?

We want to grow, but in our own way. Our team are passionate collaborators who work hard and go home at 5.30 – because we love what we do, but want to go home happy to families, friends and weekends. At Borne, it’s always been about taking the right things seriously. We try to represent the best bits of agencies and none of the nonsense.

Great Place to Work uses a rigorous ‘For All’ methodology, conducting an extensive employee survey.

The results?

  • 100% employees say Borne is a great place to work.
  • Our team rated our fairness, collaboration, community, communication and caring all at 91% and above.

“We congratulate Borne on achieving their certification,” said Benedict Gautrey, Managing Director of Great Place to Work UK. “Organisations which put the employee experience at the heart of their business gain their employees’ trust and, in turn, are truly able to build a great workplace culture that delivers outstanding business results.”

Does Borne sound like a place you want to be? Keep an eye on our careers page here.