Inspiring the next generation of women into the creative industries

Reading that only 36% of jobs in the creative sector are currently filled by women, an even smaller number are Creative Directors and a minuscule figure are female creative agency owners, it got us thinking about the diversity of our industry and if there was anything we could be doing to generate change.

When we saw a chance tweet from charity, I Can Be, looking for women in Norwich willing to give just an hour of their time to introduce disadvantaged girls aged 7&8 into careers in different sectors, it was without a doubt something we wanted to get involved in.

borne can proudly say females make up half of our family across all our departments and we love the guys in our business, we really do, but our family make-up is one not replicated across the sector and that’s something the #girlbosses in our office wanted to help change.

Fast forward to November and borne opened their doors to ten girls and delivered a session set to teach, inspire and open the eyes of a young generation to show that whoever you are and wherever you come from, you really can be anything you want to be.

Carole kicked things off with a Q&A from the girls who came with pre-prepared questions challenging us to think back to our favourite advert we had produced here at borne, what we liked most about working in a creative agency and deciphering who our best friends at work are.

The girls went straight into the main task of making their own TV advert to market a ball, Barbie and Etch A Sketch. Each group had a borne leader to help flesh out ideas, pull together a storyboard and practice, practice, practice for their time in front of the camera. Our friends at Meantime Media very kindly donated their afternoon to film and super-speed edit the final ads in time for screening on the big TV!

Time can only tell if we’ve inspired any of the girls that visited us to embark on a career in the creative industry. What about if instead we inspired them to be a business owner, a working mum, to take a different route other than university? If just one of them walked out with the belief in herself that she might not have had when she walked in, then we will have made a small difference and we are super proud of that.