Introducing the family… Sophie, Community and Influencer Manager at borne

In our new series, we’re getting under the skin of borne family members. Meet Sophie, who heads up all things social and influencer at borne; designing, implementing, and managing both earned and paid campaigns from our home in Norwich.

 Let’s pretend we’ve just met. I ask you what you do for a living, how do you typically reply and explain what a Community and Influencer Manager does?

 When you say you work in marketing you get nodding heads, everyone has a vague idea of what that means but not many really know what my job entails. When you combine that with mentioning that my job has a social media focus, people literally think I just spend my time on Facebook all day!

So, the super simple line is usually that I help businesses have visibility over social media and part of that is working and engaging with online personalities who have a big reach.

 How have you found yourself managing social and influencer marketing campaigns for a living?

 It’s been a combination of things that have shaped my career. When I was at university, it was really only those in fashion that I had heard of who were blogging and making YouTube videos. Over the years we have seen the discipline starting to move away from blogging about fashion into other industries, and the explosion in the influencer marketing industry has opened up opportunities for all types of businesses and brands.

I found myself very much moving in a traditional PR career direction but, and I’m backing up every cliché about media there is, I was rarely reading traditional media or newspapers and personally enjoyed reading blogs and following content creators on social media instead. I would try and weave bloggers into my traditional PR campaigns wherever I could because the formula is the same as working with journalists, but influencers have endless opportunities to bring their creativity to the table. Joining a creative agency such as borne here in Norwich has meant we’ve been able to bring the best of both worlds into the mix.

You’ve got to save the world with a social media and influencer marketing campaign. How do you do it?

 There’s a lot of variables that could scupper my plans, so I’m going to assume that everyone still has their phones charged, with 4G signal, and that there are still people on the planet!

I’d spearhead a ‘reduce our emissions or die’ Instagram campaign with an element of paid social thrown in for good measure, of course.

 You’ve got to kiss, marry, or kill three social media platforms. Go…

 I’d kiss Instagram, no denying that it’s the best looking one of them all. Marry Twitter, it’s short, sweet, and so witty. Laughing is key to a long-lasting marriage, right? Kill Snapchat! Honestly, someone needs to, and we all know it’s all about Instagram Stories anyway.

 What would be your biggest piece of advice for businesses wanting to work with social media influencers?

We’ve seen national brands dominating the influencer marketing industry, but my advice would be that it’s still a fantastic marketing tool for local businesses.

Never discount those who are local to you! There are many big-name influencers in Norwich; we’ve all heard of Pixie-Woo, Carly Rowena, Leanne Lim-Walker, there’s a long list… but it’s important to look beyond the numbers, do your research, and collaborate with those who are genuinely passionate about your brand. Often working with local influencers means that they are already loyal customers, they know your brand inside out, and they’ve probably been featuring you on their social media long before their Instagram had an aesthetic.

The beauty of the digital world is that wherever you are, you can have a national reach just ensure your efforts are combined with an effective strategy, smart website, and engaging social channels!

Have an idea but not sure how to get it off of the ground? Get in touch with Sophie at or call 01603 699 954 to chat about managing social media and influencer marketing campaigns.