A couple of weeks ago, the borne digital team went along to nor(Dev)con for a day at the region’s biggest tech conference, right here in Norwich. Heading (across the road) to hear from six speakers who covered everything from Augmented Reality to how to look after your own energy.

Now, we might get a bit techy in this update but it was a really engaging day that kicked off with Liz Keogh who, as an expert in agile working, took the audience through some strategies for approaching complex ecosystems, focusing on Cynefin Framework. It may sound complicated, but this framework aims to help us realise that situations we come across in our work are not a one size fits all approach.

After this opening session we heard from Rupert Redington who delivered a very engaging technical talk on how his team (based in several locations) used monorepos when working on a large project for a US budget airline. He spoke about the tools used and theory of using this approach, the problems the team experienced (because of this approach) and how these were overcome – a favourite line being ‘…and our solution to solving the issues caused by using a monorepo – we used more monorepos!…’.

Chris Oldwood and Ian Hacon delivered the third and fourth sessions of the day.

Chris was focusing on the practicalities of testing software that has been developed and insights such as simply naming tests and its function will make it easier if you come back to it at a later date and also to not be afraid to add to your code to make it more testable, we’re sure will prove helpful for any project the borne teams are working on.

Ian got us thinking about our personal energy – what can we do to avoid burnout at work? We’ve now banished the snack drawer (well, maybe not quite) and vow to drink more water (promise!) as well as being more mindful, creating breaks in our work to get outside for some fresh air, it’s doing us the world of good.

Feeling energised we headed over to Paul Hutson’s talk on Augmented Reality. This was an excellent introduction to the medium, covering where we are now in relation to the technology and delivery systems for Augmented Reality, the next stage in the evolution of this, and how to start building AR applications (this really peaked our interest – so watch this space!). ‘AR is going to take a while, because there are some really hard technology challenges out there but it will happen, it will happen in a big way, and we will wonder when it does how we ever lived without it – like we wonder how we without our phone today’ – Tim Cook, Apple CEO.

Our final session of the day was a talk by Allam Kelly and Continuous Digital – his idea that technology and current Agile workflows have evolved past the point of the need for ‘projects’.

Big thanks to Paul Grenyer and all the team for organising such an enjoyable and informative day – can’t wait to be back next year!