This month at borne - October

Hi.Hey.Hello October, you’ve been giving us all the feels, so we best get on with it.

After welcoming four new peeps, Holly back from mat leave, a baby and a wedding all in September we’re going to forgive you if you think October might seem a little more chilled in comparison, it’s still been an awesome month.

We kicked things off with a family get-together over #pizza, #beer and #social as Sophie held an introduction to influencer marketing, #ad.

Things continued with the digital vibe as some awesome projects with Midwich and UEA got off the ground. Keep an eye on our website and social where we’ll be dropping the deets.

We’ve spent a lot of time with our pals at Meantime, they’ve been showing us what life is like behind the camera and making some pretty cool films whilst they’re at it. Fingers crossed we can share the finished articles with you VERY soon.

Tess has been having many secret “Talk to Tess, Terry Tibbs” meetings it’s either a new wellbeing at work initiative (we would be super-stoked if that is the case) but our suspicion is that it’s more likely to be about the C word… Christmas ya filthy animals!

Swan Yard has been buzzing with visitors, Oakie the pug stole the staff-photo show when photographer Matt Keal came in. Sam Harrons was holding a top-secret meeting with a team member, more to be told on that, but for now SHhhh.

It’s also been a family affair with Elena, Martha and Carole’s Auntie Margaret popping in to Borne HQ and the ever-so-special baby Jacob paid a visit to all of his aunties and uncles, cooing and cuddles ensued. Jacob is currently undecided whether he’d like to be a creative or strategist. We’ll give him a couple of years to decide.

Here’s to November.