Creatively interpreting data for UEA Years Lost

We used our creative and digital credentials to interpret data from a new piece of research commissioned by the UEA which shows how many years of life are lost in areas of the UK due to the 20 leading causes of death.

Our challenge was to go beyond the numbers and turn a big data set and academic paper into an interactive online application that the public would find engaging and informative.

Combining our studio, digital and web development teams we designed and built the interactive, online tool which is both web and mobile-friendly (what else?).

First up, the creative team set about organising the raw data into a user-friendly hierarchy, then produced a concise data visualisation method which also encouraged users to explore the platform further. Then the project headed into digital development who took this concept and, using technologies that would seamlessly integrate into the existing UEA website, produced the responsive interactive platform.

The final map allows you to explore different areas of the UK, determine what illnesses contribute the most years lost and you can compare the digital data to other regions.

The  Years Lost page received thousands of hits in the first 24 hours after launch, sitting at the centre of a national PR campaign publicising the research.

Give it a go yourself, here: