Working With Words 2019

Students, whatever stage of their university journey, may be asking themselves what next? What’s life like after higher education and what career lies in front of me?

These questions can be really hard to answer when you know you really enjoy something but don’t know what industries need your skills and talents. The sheer number of industries that are out there is daunting, how do you know where to start?

Joe and Sophie recently represented borne at the annual Working With Words event, hosted by UEA Careers Central, the day-long event is set to help students gain a better understanding of the options open to them if they want to work with words.

The opening session hosted by one of our client partners, Joe alongside Sarah from Karmarama, gave a snapshot into branding and advertising and how working in an agency differs from working in-house.

Sophie’s panel slot alongside the social media managers for UEA and Pottermore was an open session where students came armed with their burning questions about what a career in social media and influencer management is really like.

“I really enjoyed flying the flag for agency life and I was keen to show that what I do now didn’t even exist three years ago, so you really never know where your career is going to take you.”

“Working as a social media manager is a constant learning curve, social channels are always changing, and audiences are continuing to change the way they engage with social content. The influencer industry can also seem mind-boggling but my best piece of advice would be to genuinely enjoy engaging with content creators outside of work, or better still have your own blog or Instagram profile, so you’re naturally keeping in the loop with all things social and influencer.”

Hopefully see you again at Working With Words 2020 but until then our door (and email inboxes) are always open for any students who’d like to get in touch for advice.