Dress for the job you want.

Client: Gleave Assocaiates
Project: Rebrand
Services: Design, Branding

Gleave & Associates are one of the fastest growing Quantity Surveyors in the country, and after a meteoric rise they found themselves at the point of expanding their horizons.  But the step up between regional and national business meant coming into contact with some of the most demanding  Architects and Property Developers in the world,  organisations highly attuned to aesthetics and supplier capabilities. From a corporate branding perspective, Gleave & Associates were feeling a little underdressed, simply not projecting the image of consultant at the top of the game.

And so the brief to us was to rebrand the business, designing an image in-keeping with the highly discerning world they were entering, and that cemented them as an elite amongst the elites.

Business cards speak louder than words.

We stripped the brand back, exploring a refined and sophisticated look and feel, solid and classic typefaces, overhauling the logo to live as a wordmark,  giving Gleave & Associates a sense of depth and contemporary premium. But to be a real asset we needed the brand to go beyond a visual world and be more of an experience.

We knew that their prospective clients had risen through the ranks of their industry thanks to an innate ability to recognise and appreciate quality. So we concentrated our efforts on the simplest and most tangible asset G&A had – their business cards.

Using a combination of materials, a luxurious cooper foil finish and metallic inks, we created a tactile and highly engineered business card that acted as a miniaturised example of what G&A do exceptionally well – sourcing and handling the finest materials to engineer and create the best possible results.

Gleave – Rebrand
Gleave – Rebrand
Gleave – Rebrand

Meeting new people for meetings.

G&A are now present at the top tables at the top Architects and Property Developers in the business, winning new contracts from a new level of client. Their enquiries are shifting geographically too, with  more and more leads generated from London and other major cities.