Midwich Unity

Client: Midwich
Project: Unity
Services: Digital

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Midwich provide highly sophisticated tech hardware to businesses in a variety of sectors, from huge format HD screens to projector systems and state of the art security.  They have a client base spread around the world, and products that really need to be seen in action to be understood and appreciated. And whilst selling in single products is profitable, the real value lies in selling holistic customer solutions, networking products and covering a greater suite of requirements.

Midwich rely heavily on digital tools to go to market; specifically a CGI environment designed to show tech solutions in-situ. The problem was that their CGI environment was an off-the-shelf platform, technologically unreliable and with limited showcasing functionality, meaning holistic solutions couldn’t be built. And the lack of data capture meant even low levels of engagement weren’t equating to leads.

Which is why we developed Unity.

A bespoke CGI environment that showcases multiple products together, allowing prospective clients to customise their solutions before generating a personalised shopping list of technologies – all of which is data-captured so that Midwich sales agents can follow up with relevant communications based on the customers product choices.

We built different meeting room types to correspond to the Midwich’s ranging customer base and allowed users to explore technology in stages -seeing each layer of the solution in detail, in-situ, and then bringing it all to life together.

Built from the ground-up to ensure reliability, with a data-driven backend to ensure commercial value, Unity is a now a central sales tool – and perfect proof point for a technologically advanced brand.

Midwich Unity
Midwich Unity
Midwich Unity