Participate or Die

Client: UK Active
Project: National Fitness Day
Services: Design, Branding, Digital

National Fitness Day is an annual activation to get more people participating in healthier more active lifestyles up and down the country. And it’s super successful – last year they got literally millions of us moving.  It’s a campaign whose success entirely depends on participation – from the brands they partner with, the community organisations that run the events, and the audiences that attend. When we met NFD we quickly learned that the brand and it’s communication simply hadn’t supported that growth –  if anything the success was in spite of the creative strategy.  So our job was to find a new identity for NFD, positioning it at the heart of community fitness culture in order to drive participation, and creating new assets to get more people are active more of the time.

Children of the Revolution

There has been a fitness revolution in the last few years. We’re exposed to a multitude of ways to get active and stay healthy, and so more and more of us are exploring and embracing completely new definitions of fitness, new communities are forming new trends, new tribes and new idols.

The revolution has been driven by commerce – we’ve made fitness high status.
It’s been driven by culture – we’ve made fitness cool.
It’s been driven by community – we’ve made fitness accessible.

But we believe that what’s really driving the revolution in fitness is the stories of ordinary people – we’ve made fitness emotional. It’s not just fitness – it’s a journey, a story, a beginning, middle and end.

It’s not just a 5k, it’s breaking the chains of tobacco.
It’s not just pilates, it’s a spring wedding.
It’s not just 50 lengths, it’s conquering stress.
It’s not just a marathon, it’s remembering mum.

We wanted to capture that in how we evolved National Fitness Day.  So the work is all about this evolution – creating a campaign that makes it easier for people to share their stories, and explain what fitness means to them. Design that feels aspirational, accessible, cool – and a little bit emotional.