The next generation are all business.

Client: NUA
Project: Flint
Services: Design

Gen-Z are an incredibly focussed bunch. Across a number of attitudes and behaviours they display a remarkable pragmatism, especially when their education is concerned, and in-turn HE organisations are being forced to quantify the benefits of studying with them.

And Norwich University of the Arts is no exception.

But together we saw an opportunity to use their creative culture as a sales tool too- because whilst young people may be highly practical, they also place huge value in experiences. And as much as we may apply more thinking power to our big decisions, we still make 95% of them intuitively –  we have to feel good about them too.

Sealing the deal with feel.

Introducing Flint – an editorial glimpse into the culture, craft and creativity of NUA.

We took a design-first approach to the magazine, inspired by specialist ultra-premium print titles, and recognising that prospective art school students are likely to be pre-occupied with aesthetic quality. The stories we told revolved around life at NUA, a diverse showcase of the work of current students, and success stories of notable alumni. So the magazine simultaneously sold the premise of  a rich experience, but implicitly connected it to the impact on graduates.

We also decided to send the magazine to our audience much later in the decision making journey, using it as a conversion tool more than upstream consideration. We got on the list with the practical details – but we sealed the deal with how it made readers feel.

We’ve had students email to say that they’ve changed their minds based on Flint – which is the highest possible compliment! As a recruitment tool it’s really helpful – because the things we talk about with prospective students and parents are also mentioned in the articles. It’s so easy to handle and using the stories like that makes the magazine even more accessible. We’ve had graduates admire it too – having seen it here and there they’ve picked it up not knowing it was an NUA document and really enjoying the discovery.

NUA – Flint Issue 3
NUA – Flint Issue 3
NUA – Flint Issue 3
NUA – Flint Issue 3