Universities today are brands competing for consumers.

Client: University of East Anglia
Project: This Is UEA
Services: Design, Strategy, Advertising

Their annual media budgets have started to surpass many household FMCG brands as a marketing arms race erupts over a shrinking pool of potential students. And in response young people feel increasingly emboldened as consumers, being ruthless with their decisions and demanding more and more from the universities they consider.

Historically UEA has recruited heavily in the East of England, where awareness of the university is high and most people have a sense of what UEA represents. But as the competitive pressure intensifies the catchment area is shifting, and a completely new generation of students are encountering UEA without any sense of what it is. So assets that attempt to rapidly recruit them need build that understanding from scratch – but they also need to create a positive connection, a deep sense of affinity.

Because affinity is incredibly powerful.

Speak to the heart, the head will follow

95% of the decisions we make we make completely intuitively, and even the most complex and important decisions in our lives (like where to study, for example), are similarly shaped by emotional drivers, rather than rational. Communications that appeal to the emotional driven far greater business effect that those that appeal to the analytical.

This Is UEA was born from that need – an integrated campaign that acts like an emotional elevator pitch for UEA, quickly encompassing every facet of what makes UEA the remarkable place it is, and building emotional connections with a new audience of young people looking for a place they belong.

A single video was produced for TV, VOD and Cinema, with integrated assets across digital, out of home and social cut from the master asset. Key regions were targeted through above the line advertising, giving UEA stature and impact amongst new audiences, driving rational comprehension and emotional affinity.

To date video is the most effective piece of advertising in UEA’s history – in YouTube alone we’ve achieved just over 300k completed views with a whopping 87% view-through-rate. And as a campaign it is a major contributor to UEA’s recruitment status, vastly outperforming the category as they approach the 2019 UCAS deadline.

This is UEA
This is UEA
This is UEA