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Client: UEA
Project: #HomeOfTheWonderful
Services: Design, Strategy, Advertising

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Since the introduction of tuition fees higher education has become a commodity category. And like any other consumer decision it is influenced by a combination of both rational and emotional drivers. Rankings, fees, employability stats all form the rational pieces of the puzzle – but the emotional is all about fit.

And fit is complicated.

Because one size never fits all – and more than any other generation, Gen Z are aware of themselves as individuals. Their attitudes to diversity, gender and self-expression are born of an incredibly strong sense of self – and their often demanding nature is rooted in this strong conception of their own individual ambitions. And like all young people, they worry about where they belong, their strong sense of identity only heightening their need for a place where they can fit in and be themselves.

So when UEA asked us to help drive conversion, we saw a huge opportunity to create an emotional connection with prospective students by creating a sense of fit between our prospects and groups of young people as diverse, individual and exciting as they are.

Oh UEA Is Wonderful…

We knew that peer-to-peer campaigning is far more impactful than traditional comms for young audiences who crave authenticity – and that we had no better advocates for UEA than the students themselves. But generating and organising that advocacy was another thing entirely.

Students chants are wonderful things. At UEA the classic for generations has been ‘Oh UEA (Oh UEA) Is Wonderful (Is Wonderful) etc etc. UEA students are fiercely proud of every aspect of their university and the chant tends to pop up wherever they go.

So #HomeOfTheWonderful was born – a user generated content campaign that celebrates every aspect of the UEA experience, and showcases the vast range of incredible individuals that call UEA home.

And crucially, helps prospective students connect with somewhere they belong.