Putting Coffee to Work in More Ways than One.

bio-bean Brand Refresh & Web Development


BioBean is the world’s largest recycler of spent coffee grounds.

From its factory near Huntingdon BioBean converts the remains of some of the 96m cups we consume every day into commercial biofuel, consumer products and food-grade flavouring compounds.

When we met BioBean it was shifting gear from well-funded startup to investible, profit generating business. But that meant a very different kind of ‘brand body language’ and a website that clearly and compellingly showcased the portfolio of services and products it offered.

Working with the BioBean team we developed a brand strategy and messaging framework that put ideas of long-termism and scale right at the centre of the narrative. We knew that proposition would resonate intuitively with large investors, but it also spoke to the vision BioBean had for long term sustainable change.

Our brand assets centred on consistent tools for the business to use in conversations with potential customers, investors and legislative stakeholders. The website then became the principle platform for taking the brand to market and telling BioBean’s story, as well as capturing wholesale customer data for its consumer products in an effort to grow its distribution base ahead of the winter fuel season.

And so far so good. BioBean successfully grew its consumer product distribution from 98 to 415 stockists, driving a 380% increase in sales over the season.