Rallying Young People To Bring Normal Life Back

Birmingham City Council #BringBackBrum

Driving Covid-safe behaviours amongst youth audiences, targeted postcode-by-postcode.

Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City Council asked us to engage young people in Covid-safe behaviours.

As a generation, under 25s were demonstrably the least likely to be following national guidelines, putting vulnerable people in their communities at an unnecessary risk.

We started working just as we moved into 2021. Which was not an easy time for anyone.

By the beginning of the third lockdown the national mood hit an all-time low, as Covid cases surged to their highest levels and we hit the sobering milestone of 100,000 deaths. And faced with so much challenge, so much anxiety, and so little hope, engaging audiences who historically ignore Covid guidelines felt like a huge challenge.

What we saw though, was that this was very likely to be the apex – and that if people could summon the energy to abide by the rules just a little longer, then they would be contributing to pace at which we could all go back to normal.

And we could flip this series of negatives into an empowering positive.

#BringBackBrum is a rallying cry to young people across Birmingham to protect their communities and return to normal. A focus on the positives that stem from good behaviour – not another remonstration from authority for doing the wrong thing.

We worked with the incredible Casey Bailey to bring that message to life authentically, using voices from the community to talk to the community. His passion, his empathy and his deep love for his home resonating with young people in a way official communication never could.