Working with Influencers to Bring Young People into Contact with Construction.

Future Made Influencer Collaboration

Exceeded reach targets by 110%, driving c25k organic views.

Future Made

The UK construction sector is faced with a major recruitment challenge – not enough of the right kinds of talent are considering a career in construction.  Part of the problem is a serious lack of exposure to the breadth of the industry.

Most people think construction is white men bricklaying, when the truth is so much more diverse in every sense – from the kinds of jobs, to the kinds of people who do them.

Future Made is an attempt to give a new generation a new set of role models – stories of young people building their lives in construction.  And to bring those stories to new audiences we’re partnering with influencers and giving them an experience of the reality of construction – like our collaboration with YouTuber Vee Kativhu.

Vee is an inspirational young black woman who vlogs her experience of studying at Oxford, and gives study tips and guidance to her audience of 159k subscribers – a perfect unexpected ambassador for a construction career.

We asked her to spend the day with Bianca, a 21 year old construction engineer working on the Tideway super sewer project, to showcase the technicality, innovation and opportunity of just one job role in hundreds.

The resulting content exceeded its reach target by 110%, with nearly 100 comments from an audience fascinated by a sector they had never encountered before – and we now have a permanent asset in our journey to champion construction.