Making Construction Relevant to Young People.

CITB Future Made

Reached 70% of all UK 14-18 year olds, smashing government engagement benchmarks to change perceptions of construction.


The UK construction sector is faced with a major recruitment challenge – not enough of the right kinds of talent are considering a career in construction.

At the root of that challenges lies a massive image problem. To most, hi-viz, hard hats and white working class men, despite the fact that the modern reality could not be further away from the stereotype.

Future Made is an attempt to give a new generation a new set of role models – stories of young people building their lives in construction, and finding their individual version of happiness.

We take user-generated content to retain authenticity and use it as the basis for a national paid campaign, alongside influencer work to reach new audiences organically.

Our ‘beta’ campaign live test delivered 11m impressions across social with a view-through rate of 7% (from a government benchmark of 2.8%).

The second wave of the campaign launched in February 2020, breaking a score of performance benchmarks to make it one of the most efficient campaigns across the government portfolio – over-delivering clicks in social by 1,124%, over-delivering overall impressions by 161%, and reaching 70% of all 14-18 year olds to begin the process of shaping perceptions of an overlooked industry.

Not to mention a new generation is now warming up to an overlooked sector, at a time when the county needs construction more than ever.