Norfolk Community Foundation

A new charitable initiative ‘Good for Good’, in which good goes around, launches in Norfolk – here’s how we branded it.


Logo design
Product positioning
Visual identity


“We could not have reached the launch point so swiftly had we not had Borne by our side. A true example of how local business and charities can come together to deliver something incredibly impactful for the Norfolk community.”

Claire Cullens CEO, Norfolk Community Foundation

The Brief

Norfolk Community Foundation is an independent charity right at the heart of Norfolk. Led by local knowledge and insight, they offer support where it’s needed most through a range of programmes and initiatives.

The team at NCF identified that businesses are increasingly looking for ways to give that aren’t just financial but need help to do so in the most efficient ways. So, they wanted to launch a new programme that would connect Norfolk businesses of all sizes to local charities – and together tackle the problems that exist in our shared neighbourhoods.

In the spirit of the initiative, we offered to become a partner and help them position, name, and create a brand identity for this new community programme.

The Challenge

We were given a really interesting challenge that was essentially threefold:  Firstly, many local businesses actively want to help but are not always able to do so in purely financial ways. Secondly, in many instances, they also need to be able to demonstrate or articulate the impact they have but that’s quite difficult at a smaller scale that isn’t always directly measurable.

And finally, when business donations aren’t the ‘classic’ monetary donations, what happens far too often and despite the right intentions, is that there are hidden costs of giving that fall on charities. So, when there’s a disconnect between what businesses can give and what charities need, it means that neither themselves nor the communities they’re trying to help benefit as much as they could.

The Solution

The positioning is centred around the idea of a virtuous cycle where good goes around and everyone benefits. Only when businesses and charities work together, it connects all the dots that drive positive impacts – so this programme enables businesses and charities to become a community within the community.

By naming the programme ‘Good For Good’, we brought it closer to the positioning and the duality of the words gave us a way to further highlight the benefits for all.

This gave us a clear focus and direction that informed the creative brief, to bring it to life.

The G represents the cycle of the programme’s process in which they connect business to consumer to community. The arrow provided a device to build graphic assets that can be used to direct or to signify community change across imagery and copy.

We knew the logo mark would predominantly be used adjacent to other logos like NCF’s, sponsors’, and charities’. It therefore had to be neutral enough for it to not be intrusive but equally be bold and clear to signal its importance.

The new identity takes on a modern secondary colour palette that builds on Norfolk Community identity to enhance brand recognition.

The ripple effect is an additional brand asset that represents the impact we have within our communities when we connect businesses.

The Results

Norfolk Community Foundation has added a new impactful programme that helps businesses drive and articulate impact within the communities – working in close partnership with the needs of charities – providing access to local insights, and is full of networking opportunities with like-minded people.

Borne stays committed to the programme as a partner and if you and your business are interested in becoming a part of Good For Good, visit to get in touch.