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University of East Anglia Home Of The Wonderful Annual

HOTW – The book

#HomeOfTheWonderful is a user-generated content platform that showcases the diversity, vibrance and closeness of the University of East Anglia (UEA) experience. Rather than a branded attempt to mediate, it is an honest and unfiltered view of genuine moments of student experience, sparked by our activation.

Whilst our target audience live their lives on social media, one of the challenges of an organic social campaign is that there are no guarantees that enough of the right people will be exposed to it.

The best of both worlds is to marry the authenticity of social with the impact of direct mail – and for young audiences, who haven’t grown up with print and therefore ascribe a premium to it, this presented a huge opportunity.

We designed and produced a #HomeOfTheWonderful Annual – a curation of a year’s worth of content taken from the hashtag on Instagram. We carefully selected a range of images to build an holistic picture of the UEA student experience, crediting the creators to retain authenticity.

The DM was sent to all prospective undergraduates as part of an integrated conversion campaign. Using a die-cut front cover and carefully designed insert we were able to subtly personalise the DM, and introduce the Annual as a way of getting to know UEA “from the people who call it home.”