A Connected Identity for Elite Athletes.

Imperial College London Sport Imperial Rebrand

Imperial College

Sport plays a vital part in the student culture at Imperial College. It strengthens students’ sense of belonging to lasting communities and gives them something to rally behind – and many of its clubs compete with other universities at an elite level, contributing to the prestige of the University overall.

But when we met Imperial, the experience of the sport programme needed some work. Communication was inconsistent, confusing and amateur, falling short of the calibre of the athletes themselves. Different clubs had different identities, content was produced sporadically, and none of the touchpoints of the programme connected.

As the college began the process of centralising and professionalising the sport programme into a single ‘hub’, we were asked to support the evolution with a rebrand – and so ‘Imperial Athletes’ was born.

Imperial Athletes is a new platform designed not only to give a consistent identity to a new centralised sporting body at Imperial College, but also seeks to instil pride in representing Imperial. The name was a vital part of the solution, acting as a unifying rallying cry to people passionate about sport at Imperial, and a badge of honour which has an external impact too.

The accompanying identity is bold, dynamic and precise, not shying away from the prowess of the athletes, and leaning into a positive sense of excellence and elitism. We executed the brand across a broad range of touchpoints, from team merch to social channels, and even branded PPE during coronavirus restrictions.

We launched the brand with a month-long social media campaign entitled #WeAreImperialAthletes, which included templates for students to use to help promote scores, fixtures and achievements – giving students the tools they need to share their passion and connect the sporting community.