Innovative Techniques to Drive Impact.

Médecins Sans Frontières Red Pack


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is a remarkable organisation. For those who know them they are the ultimate emergency response NGO – but like most charities, they struggle to fund the vital work they do.

Part of the challenge is getting noticed. The charity sector is incredibly cluttered, with hundreds of organisations competing for donations in an increasingly fierce battle for cut through.

Knowing that the first task of DM is to get picked up in the first place, we designed an innovative print technique to allow messages to reveal themselves from the page in a highly disruptive way.

Messages printed in white remained visible through a transparent red envelope – but as the mailer was removed, the messages printed in red (that had previously been invisible) were revealed. This technique not only created intrigue and impact, but the design also allowed us to play with how messages were structured to drive further engagement.

The story at the heart of the DM focused on showcasing doctors as people like you and me, using the skills they have to help people in need. This balanced the bold, almost stark design with emotional warmth in the copy – and convinced donors of why funding MSF is so vitally important.