Shaping the Behaviours of NHS Frontline Staff.

Norfolk Community Health and Care Remote Working


NHS staff out in the community do incredibly important work, and nothing should stand in the way of the care they deliver.

Unfortunately many still see technology as a barrier to their ability to interact effectively with their patients, and so vital record keeping is still analogue in some cases, leading to potential complications down the line.

We were tasked with driving increased usage of mobile working technologies through internal communication for Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust.

Our insight was that in order for the tech to be adopted it had to resonate intuitively with the staff. If it wasn’t seen as a facilitator of their ability to care, it could only ever represent an administrative burden.

The campaign repositioned mobile working as “something we all care about”, with a look and feel designed for positivity. We also provided staff with a toolkit of assets to help them talk to patients about why they were using the technology, so that everyone could feel good about delivering high quality care.