A place where your daughter can thrive.

Norwich High School for Girls Made by Girls

Norwich High School for Girls (NHSFG) is the only girls’ school in the county, and their marketing opportunity is dictated by that status.

Only they can unapologetically own single-sex education and its benefits – only they can stop talking the language of their category and start talking about why girls’ schools matter.

Because there has never been a more important time to talk about girls.

Across our society we’ve started asking hard questions about why and where women are still systemically at a disadvantage, an imbalance that in many cases starts at school. Because whilst girls and boys are equal they’re not the same. And all too often co-educational environments place a huge pressure on girls, whose confidence and curiosity sadly suffer as a result. All too often mixed schools are really boy’s schools, with girls in them.

NHSFG exists to rebalance the odds in your daughter’s favour – an environment where girls are supported by each other, celebrated by each other, pushed forward by each other. Where they can speak up without fear of judgement – play without fear of ridicule – learn completely without limits.

We decided that the best way to tell that story was through the girls themselves – and so Made By Girls was born.

Made By Girls is a way of celebrating the bold, curious and confident young women who make NHSFG what it is. It positions the role of the school as a facilitator, where the successes of their students are testament to what happens when girls have a place of their own in which to thrive.

The heart of the idea is about using as much content as we can from the girls themselves, their handwriting, imagery, stories and voices used across the campaign.

We also worked with the phenomenally talented Ellie Smith to capture the spirit of the girls through iconic, beautiful photography – shooting the whole campaign in two days by being present in the school to capture the girls as they learned.

The messaging pushes different benefits that correspond to different age groups, from the sense of curiosity and discovery encouraged in early years, to the confidence and resilience girls develop as they grow older.

We launched across social, digital and high impact out of home, and within weeks saw double the attendance at open days as a result. But this journey is long term –  and we’re looking forward to continuing to champion the difference it makes for your daughter to be in a place for girls, of girls, and Made By Girls.