Using Print To Sell A Way Of Life.

Savills The Mallows


Savills approached us to name, brand and sell a super-premium development of new homes in the Norfolk countryside. The challenge was to create an emotional connection for buyers when all that physically existed was an, albeit generous, hole in the ground – whilst simultaneously designing what would effectively be an offshoot of a very old community, whose residents were rightly sceptical of any new developments.

We saw that our audience weren’t buying a new house – they were buying a new way of life. A life that perfectly straddles idyllic rural experiences with all the mod cons they had become accustomed to in their affluent urban neighbourhoods. And it was this way of life that the village residents were fiercely proud of too.

So we set out to champion life in the lovely village of Brooke, naming the development ‘The Mallows’ after the church bells new residents would hear from their bedrooms. We used every touchpoint we had to sell the premise of a completely new way of life, from local organic food, to walks in the woods, sunsets, picnics and close knit community.

Design was an essential component of that experience.

Imagery provided an immersive sense of life in the countryside, and super high-quality CGIs gave buyers a window into what was truly possible in their new homes.

We used premium textures in print to a give a tactile, almost comforting feel, whilst also adding a little luxury, making the collateral not only immersive but impressive – a gift for buyers to spark their imaginations, and build a connection with their potential new home.