Using Influencers To Explore Life In A Fine City.

University of East Anglia Best Kept Secret

25,000 views with zero paid spend.

Best Kept Secret

One of the biggest factors for choosing where to study is location. And whilst the University of East Anglia obviously thinks that Norwich is an amazing city to live in, if you’ve never been, you’d have to take their word for it.

Young audiences have a deep cynicism for advertising and marketing communication – but relate to social media influencers on a much more personal level. It makes influencers a critical source of information.

And UEA is blessed with influencers. A whole campus of them.

We worked with two existing student creators to take prospective audiences on a tour of their favourite spots in our fine city.

UEA traditionally recruits from East Anglia but has seen a surge in applicants from London over recent years – so we mirrored this in our influencer selection to stay super relevant.

North Londoner Buket Komur has been vlogging uni life for the past two years, with 24,000 YouTube subscribers and a host of content which is perfectly in tune with the audience. And local boy Ben Felton has been vlogging what it’s like to be a UEA student for the past three years, consistently seeing his content peak when prospective students are using YouTube to research universities.

To date we’ve clocked over 25,000 views with zero paid spend – and UEA now have authentic assets they can use across the student recruitment journey.