Support for the people who care the most.

Norfolk and Waveney Health and Care Partnership We Care Together

"Our #WeCareTogether website is testament to borne’s dynamic creativity, consumer intelligence & marketing insight."

Emma Wakelin Associate Director of Workforce Transformation

The burden of the pandemic on frontline workers has been unimaginable. We’ve kept the NHS in our prayers, clapped on our doorsteps, painted rainbows on our windows – but few of us really understand the strain it places on the people who have cared for us throughout.

Over time that strain shifted from immediate stress to a deep, cumulative fatigue, as carers simply kept going.

And in the midst of that we were asked by the Norfolk & Waveney Health and Care Partnership to launch an employee engagement platform.

We Care Together is a celebration of frontline staff – and a way of reminding them there is a team behind them to draw strength from. A rallying call that leads to the trust’s people plan, and a range of services, training and support for staff to lean on for help.

A simple visual identity placed the now ubiquitous rainbow front and centre, but with its own palette to drive consistency across the identity. We used illustration to capture a diverse range of frontline carers, their warmth and their resilience, long before the pandemic allowed for photography. Then, as the pressure of the pandemic began to lessen, we also helped the team at Norfolk & Waveney establish a guide for art direction, so that self-shot staff imagery could be used as another way to celebrate the remarkable work of the team.