Creating a Brand from a Tricky Balance.

Workstories Brand Design & Launch


From its base in Clerkenwell, the previously named Tractor London provided an exceptional range of furniture to the interior design trade. Incredible organic growth and a growing range of products had meant they had outgrown their brand, and the next step meant starting from scratch.

They had a new name – Workstories – and it felt right – but the problem was how to position it. Too trendy and they would alienate the bluechip clients they were aiming for – too corporate and they’d lose credibility in the design community.

The opportunity was to balance the ‘work’ with the ‘story’; the emotional with the practical; the form with the function; and bring to life a brand that exists to create spaces that work, for wherever your story is taking you.

The strategic and creative toolkit we delivered has enabled the client to build a consistent proposition across their business, with every touchpoint telling the same story – their brand belongs to them. And as the company grows each new member of the team now tells their own story in social, a key part of both the internal and external value of articulating the brand.

Just 12 months after launch, Workstories was named 203rd in the Financial Times 1000 fastest-growing companies in Europe. They are now exploring how to extend their brand to consumers, with a public proposition due in 2021.