BEAT ‘Twogether’

Bringing people together to fundraise for eating disorders.


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Their passion to our cause, and to really understand our organisation and who our supporters are, really came through in the development of the idea.

Lindsey Simpson Head of Public Fundraising, Beat


Raised for Eating Disorder Awareness Week

The Challenge

Having a repeatable fundraising mechanic is helpful for two reasons. The first is that by repeating a successful mechanic, charities are able to cumulatively build awareness over time, rather than starting from scratch every time. The second is that you’re able to tie the mechanic of the fundraiser to a useful brand attribute, to further cement the role of the brand in the minds of the audience..

For example, Macmillan is all about everyday support through cancer – so its annual Coffee Morning is a perfect compliment to the brand, suggestive of the closeness and companionship they offer patients. Cancer Research’s objective is to use research to beat cancer. And so ‘Race for Life’ becomes a useful platform for talking about how the finishing line is in sight.

Our challenge was to find an idea that not only encouraged fundraising, but amplified the story and role of BEAT to everyone that came into contact with it.

The Solution

Whether you’re battling an eating disorder, or you’re supporting someone who’s struggling, Beat is there to ensure you’re not alone – and this led to our big idea.

 Twogether, a new fundraising campaign where anything goes, as long as you do it ‘Twogether’.

Launched in Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2023 we saw people walk together, run together, ride a tandem together, wear the same clothes, tie themselves together and bake.

The Results

In the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, Beat raised £50k for Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2023 from 103 pairs. But the real value for Twogether is that it’s repeatable: this is a long-term mechanic that, as it repeats each year, will both grow in fame and scale – and with it increase fundraising and continue to grow the story of Beat.